Global Research

Globally, we are building on our skills in utilizing a broad spectrum of databases to understand the food retail environment, food purchasing behavior and dietary behavior to assist in the design and evaluation of large-scale voluntary and regulatory efforts. We have been actively involved in encouraging work in the development and design of many of these global initiatives and are working with an array of foundations and international agencies to assist countries and collaborators across the globe. Key examples include: our long-term work in the design and now the evaluation of the SSB and non-essential food taxes in Mexico; our evaluation of the SSB tax, marketing controls, and front-of-the-package warning labels to be implemented sequentially in Chile. On-going efforts working with other countries are creating many new initiatives. In all cases, our goals are to work closely with partners in other countries and to work on capacity building, by developing skills and training new generations of scholars in each country. Ultimately we are interesting in long-term obesity and non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention and in selected countries will be involved in evaluations that explore these outcomes.