Rhea Jayaswal Headshot

Rhea Jayaswal

Undergraduate Student

Rhea Jayaswal is a junior majoring in Nutrition on the Science and Research track. She is currently working on her Bachelor of Science in Public Health honors thesis with Dr. Lindsey Smith Taillie. In the past, she worked with the UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention on conducting qualitative research. She is interested in evaluating national policies that promote nutrition security and decrease diet-related disease. Her experiences volunteering with local food banks and community health initiatives inform her desire to reduce nutrition-related disparities. Outside of the Global Food Research Program, Rhea is involved in organizing the UNC Minority Health Conference and is an editor for the Health Humanities Journal of UNC

After a good workout, nothing beats… a warm waffle with chocolate chips and whipped cream! 

My family’s holiday favorite is… kaju katli, a cashew-based snack. We could buy it here, but it’s very much appreciated when my grandmother brings it in bulk from India.