Tamryn Frank headshot

Tamryn Frank

Visiting Scholar

Tamryn is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of the Western Cape’s (UWC) School of Public Health in South Africa (SA). She holds a Master’s degree (cum laude) in nutrition, human rights, and governance from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa (in collaboration with Makerere University in Uganda and Oslo University in Norway). Prior to joining the Global Food Research Program at UNC as a visiting scholar in February 2022, she worked for four years as a researcher at UWC’s School of Public Health in a team developing a nutrient profiling model and front-of-package warning labels for South Africa. She is also involved in child-directed marketing research and assessing the effectiveness of the sugary beverage tax in South Africa. She is currently serving on the technical working group advising the SA National Department of Health on nutrient profiling and front-of-package labelling. Before branching out into academia, Tamryn worked as a primary health care dietitian for eight years for the SA Department of Health, both in the Eastern and Western Cape.

My craziest thing I’ve ever eaten is dried grasshoppers, a tasty source of protein.

My favourite food for summertime is  watermelon, nothing beats a cold slice of watermelon (or 3) on a hot summers day.

The first think I learned to cook was scrambled eggs (unfortunately my mom was somewhat surprised when she awoke to a mother’s day breakfast-in-bed of 8 scrambled eggs shortly thereafter, although I think I have since gotten better at portion control).