Added sugar from packaged beverages common from 2007-2012, GFRP study finds

A new study by GFRP team members, led by Dr. Shuwen Ng, evaluates the added sugar content of packaged beverages and lays the groundwork for monitoring the added sugar content of both foods and beverages over time, especially important in light of the planned federal requirements to add “added sugars” to the nutrition facts labels in 2018.

Packaged beverages accounted for 12 grams of added sugar per capita each day in all years studied, which represents 32-48% of total calories from packaged beverages from 2007 to 2012. Total calories from packaged beverages decreased over time, while absolute amount of added sugar remained constant.

Disparities exist among some subpopulations. For example, non-Hispanic black households purchase more added sugar from packaged beverages than non-Hispanic white households. Low income households purchase more added sugar than high income households.

Read a UNC press release here, or find the full journal article here.