WIC cash value benefit increase: A key step toward healthier families

Policy brief summarizing findings from a study about WIC participants’ experiences with changes to the program’s cash value benefit for buying fruits and vegetables during the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers sought to understand WIC participant perceptions of this change and barriers and facilitators to using the CVB.


Did A Fruit and Vegetable Incentive Program Support low-income Households in North Carolina during the COVID-19 Pandemic? A Mixed Methods Assessment of the Healthy Helping Program and Other Pandemic-Related Food Assistance
Authors: Isabel Lu, Brett Sheppard, Shu Wen Ng, Sarah Burstein, Emile Charles, Taylor Williams
 and Molly De Marco
Published in: Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, August 7, 2022 view full text

"I think that's the most beneficial change that the WIC has made in a really long time": Perceptions and awareness of an increase in the WIC Cash Value Benefit
Authors: Emily W. Duffy, Daniele A. Vest, Cassandra R. Davis, Marissa G. Hall, Molly De Marco, Shu Wen Ng, Lindsey Smith Taillie
Published in: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, July 16, 2022 view full text

COVID-19 pandemic-era nutrition assistance: Impact and sustainability
Authors: Caitlin Caspi, Hilary Seligman, Jerica Berge, Shu Wen Ng, James Krieger
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Association of a fruit and vegetable subsidy program with food purchases by individuals with low income in the US
Authors: Seth A. Berkowitz, Neal Curran, Sam Hoeffler, Richard Henderson, Ashley Price, Shu Wen Ng
Published in: JAMA Network Open, August 11, 2021 view full text

Sugar-sweetened beverage reduction policies: Progress and promise
Authors: James Krieger, Sara Bleich, Stephanie Scarmo, and Shu Wen Ng
Published in: Annual Review of Public Health, April 1, 2021 view full text