Through collaborative research and evaluation with our diverse partners worldwide, we work to reduce diet-related disparities and create a more healthful food system and food environment.

Chile Phase 1 Results

In Chile, households bought less sugar, saturated fat, sodium, and overall calories during Phase 1 of the Law of Food Labeling and Advertising.


SuperSNAP participation is associated with substantial increases in healthy food purchases

South Africa FOPL RCT
South Africa experiments with warning labels

Nutrient warning labels come out ahead in a new randomized controlled trial, compared to multiple traffic lights and Guideline Daily Amounts labels

South Africa experiment warning label products
Chile TV Advert Study
Ban works better to protect children in Chile

Study finds that children saw 73% fewer TV ads for unhealthy foods and drinks under trailblazing marketing restrictions

View from behind of child sitting in front of TV, which shows cartoons of french fries and cheeseburger
UPF+HFSS Lancet study
A way forward for profiling ultra-processed foods in policies

New study finds that combining traditional nutrient thresholds with profiling based on certain additive ingredients can work as a practical way to identify ultra-processed + high-fat/salt/sugar foods for regulation.

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All over the world, healthy food policies are improving public health and reducing the burden of disease.

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