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Beverage industry TV advertising shifts after a stepwise mandatory food marketing restriction: achievements and challenges with regulating the food marketing environment.
Authors: Fernanda Mediano Stoltze, Teresa Correa, Camila Luz Corvalán Aguilar, Lindsey Smith Taillie, Marcela Reyes, Francesca Renee Dillman Carpentier.
Published In: Public Health Nutrition. December 27, 2023 view full text

Dietary intake of low-income adults in South Africa: Ultra-processed food consumption a cause for concern.
Authors: Tamryn Frank, Shu Wen Ng, Caitlin Lowery, Anne-Marie Thow, Elizabeth Swart.
Published in: Public Health Nutrition. January 11, 2024 view full text

Trends in sugar from package foods and beverages purchased by U.S. households between 2002 and 2020.
Authors: Gabriela Vatavuk-Serrati, Sarah M Frank, Shu Wen Ng, Lindsey Smith Taillie
Published In: Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. October 25, 2023 view full text

Cost-benefit analysis of alternative tax policies on sugar-sweetened beverages in Mexico.
Authors: Juan Carlos Salgado Hernandez, Shu Wen Ng, Sally C. Stearns, Justin G. Trogdon.
Published in: PLOS One. October 3, 2023 view full text

The widespread presence of non-nutritive sweeteners challenges adherence to beverage guidance for children
Authors: Mariana Fagundes Grilo, Allison Sylvetsky, Lindsey Smith Taillie
Published in: Frontiers in Public Health, August 16, 2023 view full text

Food for thought of food for emotions? An analysis of marketing strategies in television food advertising seen by children in Colombia
Authors: Alicides Velasquez, Maria Fernanda Parra, Mercedes Mora-Plazas, Luis Fernando Gomez, Lindsey Smith Taillie, Francesca R Dillman Carpentier
Published in: Public Health Nutrition, August 10, 2023 view full text

Cultural and contextual drivers of triple burden of malnutrition among children in India
Authors: Shri Kanth Singh, Alka Chauhan, Santosh Kumar Sharma, Parul Puri, Sarang Pedgaonkar, Laxmi Kant Dwivedi, Lindsey Smith Taillie
Published in: Nutrients, August 6, 2023 view full text

Child-directed marketing on packaged breakfast cereals in South Africa
Authors: Alice Kahn, Tamryn Frank, Rina Swart
Published in: Public Health Nutrition, August 4, 2023 view full text

Evolution of food and beverage prices after the front-of-package labelling regulations in Chile
Authors: Guillermo Paraje, Daniela Montes de Oca, Camila Corvalán, Barry M. Popkin
Published in: BMJ Global Health, July 3, 2023 view full text

Caloric reductions needed to achieve obesity goals in Mexico for 2030 and 2040: A modeling study
Authors: Francisco Reyes-Sánchez, Ana Basto-AbreuI, Rossana Torres-Álvarez, Martha Carnalla-Cortés, Alan Reyes-García, Boyd Swinburn, Rafael MezaI, Juan A. Rivera, Barry Popkin
Published in: PLOS Medicine, June 26, 2023 view full text

Design and approval of the nutritional warnings policy in Peru: Milestones, key stakeholders, and policy drivers for its approval
Authors: Francisco Diez-Canseco, Victoria Cavero, Juan Alvarez Cano, Lorena Saavedra-Garcia, Lindsey Smith Taillie, Francesca R. Dillman Carpentier, J. Jaime Miranda
Published in: PLOS Global Public Health, June 16, 2023 view full text

Framing a new nutrition policy: Changes on key stakeholder’s discourses throughout the implementation of the Chilean Food Labelling Law
Authors: Fernanda Mediano, Camila Fierro, Camila Corvalán, Marcela Reyes, Teresa Correa
Published in: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, May 1, 2023 view full text