Front-of-package nutrient labels

Fact sheet describing how front-of-package (FOP) labels can help consumers make informed, healthier choices and encourage industry to improve the nutritional profile of their products and portfolios. Learn about the evidence for different FOP labels, what types of labels are in use around the world today, and key elements to consider when developing and implementing […]

Ultra-processed foods

Fact sheet describing ultra-processed foods and drinks and the threat they pose to public health worldwide as they make up increasingly greater portions of the global diet. Learn how to identify ultra-processed products; review the evidence for their association with a multitude of risk factors, diseases, and mortality; and explore policy options to reduce consumption. […]

Front-of-package labeling

Global maps showing both mandatory and voluntary front-of-package labeling schemes used in countries around the world. Includes maps highlighting countries with front-of-package warning label policies. Updated September 2021


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