Fact sheet | Why tax sugary drinks?

Learn about sugary drink consumption around the world, connections between excess sugar consumption and prevalence of obesity and other diseases, and real-world evidence for how sugary drink taxes can reduce sugar intake, improve health, and increase government revenue while decreasing health care costs and the personal burdens of nutrition-related diseases. Updated February 2020

Fact sheet | Ultra-processed foods

Fact sheet describing ultra-processed foods and drinks and the threat they pose to public health worldwide as they make up increasingly greater portions of the global diet. Learn how to identify ultra-processed products; review the evidence for their association with a multitude of risk factors, diseases, and mortality; and explore policy options to reduce consumption. […]

Maps | Sugary drink taxes

Global maps showing countries and smaller jurisdictions with taxes on sugary beverages that were implemented with a goal of curbing sugar consumption and improving public health. Included are brief descriptions of each tax structure and dates of passage or implementation. Updated September 2021


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