A prescription for healthier diets: SuperSNAP in NC

Policy brief describing SuperSNAP, a Food is Medicine program in NC. Starting in September 2019, the SuperSNAP program enrolled individuals with diet-related health conditions receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits in nine federally qualified health centers across North Carolina. SuperSNAP participants received $40 per month to spend on fresh, frozen, canned, or dried fruits and vegetables without additives at a participating NC-based chain retailer with around 500 stores across North Carolina. This policy brief includes reflections from surveys with consumers, NC retailers, and healthcare providers on the success of the SuperSNAP program.

Taxes on unhealthy foods and beverages

Global maps showing countries and smaller jurisdictions with taxes on sugary or sweetened beverages and/or unhealthy foods, that were implemented with a goal of curbing sugar, salt, saturated or trans fat, and excessive calorie consumption and improving public health. Included are brief descriptions of each tax structure and dates of passage or implementation.

Taxing sugary drinks: A fiscal policy to improve public health

Learn about the connections between excess sugar consumption and prevalence of obesity and other noncommunicable diseases, as well as real-world evidence for how sugary drink taxes can reduce sugar intake, improve health, and increase government revenue while decreasing health care costs and the personal and shared burdens of nutrition-related diseases.

Ultra-processed foods

Fact sheet describing ultra-processed foods and drinks and the threat they pose to public health worldwide as they make up increasingly greater portions of the global diet. Learn how to identify ultra-processed products; review the evidence for their association with a multitude of risk factors, diseases, and mortality; and explore policy options to reduce consumption. […]


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