Nutrient thresholds for Colombia’s front-of-package warning labels

Colombia’s front-of-package warning label regulatory guidelines take into account NOVA classification for degree of food processing as well as thresholds (below) for nutrient contents that correspond to the PAHO Nutrient Profile Model. Processed and ultra-processed foods and drinks that exceed the thresholds below or contain added sweeteners must carry a front-of-package warning label corresponding to that nutrient or ingredient.

NutrientSolids and semi-solids Liquids
Sodium≥1 mg/kcal and/or ≥300 mg/100 g (for packaged, raw meats with added salt/sodium: 300 mg/100 g)≥ 1 mg/kcal (for non-caloric, non-alcoholic beverages: ≥40 mg/100 mL)
Free sugars≥10% of total calories≥10% of total calories
Saturated fats≥10% of total calories≥10% of total calories
Trans fats≥1% of total calories≥1% of total calories
SweetenersAny amount of sweetenersAny amount of sweeteners