HWCF Evaluation Highlighted in News Reports of 6.4 Trillion Calorie Reduction

A Robert Wood Johnson Foundation press release highlighting UNCFRP research to evaluate the HWCF pledge to cut calories from the food supply was featured in stories from the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, Reuters, and several other news outlets.

Sixteen of the nation’s leading food and beverage companies sold 6.4 trillion fewer calories in the United States in 2012 than they did in 2007, according to the findings of an independent evaluation funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and announced today. The companies, acting together as part of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF), pledged to remove 1 trillion calories from the marketplace by 2012, and 1.5 trillion by 2015. The evaluation found that, thus far, the companies have exceeded their 2015 pledge by more than 400 percent.

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