Developing Evaluations

The Global Food Research Program of UNC has a special fund which will be used — along with additional funding from partnering countries — to work on in-depth evaluations of important regulatory efforts that are unique globally and/or important for that particular region. A Global Evaluation Advisory Committee (EAC) will review research designs and major products from each study.

Chile is the first country with whom we are working using the Evaluation Fund; more information about this wide-ranging project can be found here.

We are currently soliciting grant proposals from research teams in countries that have passed or will soon pass rigorous or innovative regulations to prevent obesity.

We are specifically interested in fiscal policies (including sugary beverage and junk food taxes), marketing controls, front-of-package labeling, and in unique cases also major changes in public institutions affecting dietary intake behavior (e.g., school food and/or feeding programs).

Please direct inquiries to Dr. Barry Popkin at and fill out this brief proposal template. It would be wise to email Dr. Popkin before even filling out the initial template.


Funding for this effort comes from Bloomberg Philanthropies.