20% excise tax on sweetened beverages

From August 1, 2015 – April 1, 2022, sweetened beverages were subject to a 10% ad valorem excise tax.

Announced March 14, 2022 and effective April 1, 2022, the rate of excise tax on sweetened beverages increased from 10% to 20%. The tax rate increase advances the Government of Barbados’s mandate to reduce sugar consumption through effective fiscal policy on sweetened beverages and brings the tax rate in line with recommendations of the World Health Organization.

The tax is levied on locally produced and imported beverages including carbonated soft drinks, juice drinks, sports drinks, liquid concentrates, and more. Drinks exempt from the tax include 100% juices, coconut water, plain and evaporated milk, powdered concentrates, and drinks sweetened with non-caloric sweeteners.

Table of applicable tariffs from the Barbados Revenue Authority