On November 8, 2023, the Mexican Senate unanimously approved a reform to Mexico’s General Education Law that mandates healthy school food environments for all levels of education. This reform:

  • Bans in-school sale and marketing of pre-packaged foods and beverages with excess critical nutrients (products that are required to carry FOP warning labels and legends)
  • Bans making mention of foods with poor nutritional quality or that put children’s health at risk
  • Fosters commercialization and consumption of unprocessed and regionally-produced foods
  • Establishes administrative responsibility for implementation, surveillance, and sanctions for noncompliance 
  • Safeguards national school food guidelines with a rights-based approach and criteria on sustainability and conflict of interest
  • Establishes periodic evaluation and update every five years.

Following publication in the Official Gazette, the Secretariat of Education will have 180 days to adopt or improve necessary corresponding secondary regulations. State and local agencies will have two years to achieve compliance.