Research in the United States

In the United States, we have extensive experience studying the eating patterns of US children and adults using nationally representative complex survey data, including shifts in eating behaviors and trends. In addition, we have developed a complex database linking over 1 million barcoded food and beverage products to corresponding nutrition labels, which uniquely enables us to study food and beverage purchases among a nationally representative sample of US households. Using innovative methods, our team has linked these food purchase and sales data to dietary intake data, in order to capture product-specific, time-varying nutrition information and reflect the vast array of different food and beverage products in the US food supply. Our team is uniquely situated to use our complex system of approaches to measure food from “factory to fork” and we have measured many dimensions of our food supply and its dynamics. With this system, our goal is to understand an array of US programs, pledges and policies and evaluate initiatives related to large-scale voluntary or regulatory efforts affecting household food purchasing and dietary intake behavior. We focus on large-scale initiatives by the food industry and regulatory efforts at the local, state or national level.