Amelia Willits-Smith headshot

Amelia Willits-Smith

Postdoctoral fellow

Amelia completed her PhD in public health nutrition at Tulane University. She has a Master’s of Science in nutrition from Cornell University and a BA in molecular biology from the University of Colorado. Prior to joining the Global Food Research Program, she worked on a project to summarize and link food-related life cycle assessment studies to US dietary data. The resulting database of Food Impacts on the Environment for Linking to Diet (dataFIELD) has been used to examine the distributions and correlates of food-related greenhouse gas emissions, cumulative energy demand, and water use from self-selected diets. Her research interests include healthy and sustainable food choice, dietary guidance policy, food access and food security in the United States, and dietary assessment methodology.

Foods I must have in my home are… apples and peanut butter.

My favorite songs about food are…

  • Sugar Free” by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones;
  • Ol’ Cook Pot” by The Duhks; and
  • Homegrown Tomatoes” by Guy Clark. (“Only two things that money can’t buy: that’s true love and homegrown tomatoes.”)

My “go-to” comfort food is… anything with lots of melted cheese!