Pourya Valizadeh headshot

Pourya Valizadeh

Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2018–2021

While at GFRP and the Carolina Population Center, Dr. Valizadeh researched the effectiveness of national and targeted price-based policy interventions in improving food purchase patterns and the nutrition of US households. He also conducted evaluations of the major US food and nutrition assistance programs (e.g., SNAP, WIC, and school meal programs).

Faculty Preceptors: David K. GuilkeyShu Wen Ng

Dr. Valizadeh is now a research assistant professor at Texas A&M.

GFRP Publications

Linking a sugar-sweetened beverage tax with fruit and vegetable subsidies: A simulation analysis of the impact on the poor
Authors: Pourya Valizadeh, Barry M. Popkin, Shu Wen Ng
Published in: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, October 5, 2021 view full text

Would a national sugar‐sweetened beverage tax in the united states be well targeted?
Authors: Pourya Valizadeh, Shu Wen Ng
Published in: American Journal of Agricultural Economics, February 2, 2021 view full text

Distributional changes in U.S. sugar-sweetened beverage purchases, 2002-2014
Authors: Pourya Valizadeh, Barry M Popkin, Shu Wen Ng
Published in: Am J Prev Med, August 1, 2020 view full text

Combined fiscal policies to promote healthier diets: Effects on purchases and consumer welfare
Authors: Juan C. Caro, Porya Valizadeh, Alejandrina Correa, Andres Silva, Shu Wen Ng
Published in: PLOS One, January 15 2020 view full text