Ridha Masagazi

2024 FERN Fellow

Ridha Masagazi is an undergraduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill majoring in nutrition and minoring in chemistry. Spending most of her upbringing in the foreign service has instilled in her a passion for addressing health disparities. Ridha has done some previous research on breast-feeding practices among women in Tanzania. As a 2024 FERN fellowship recipient, Ridha is working with Dr. Lindsey Smith Taille and Carlos Roberto Soto Díaz, to investigate the impact of acculturation on consumption of ultra-processed foods within the Hispanic population in the United States. This summer, Ridha aims to bridge the gap between policy, nutrition, and under-represented populations. She plans to use the new skills she will develop to pursue master’s of public health and further explore global health research.

My least liked food is... any form of egg.

When I’m in a time crunch, I love to make… a tuna wrap!

Foods I must have in my home are… any kind of sea food (especially shrimp)!

My “go-to” comfort food is… any kind of bowl with avocado (salmon bowls are my favorite)!