Lindsey Smith Taillie

Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition at the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health

Lindsey Smith Taillie is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition at the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. Lindsey is a nutrition epidemiologist whose work focuses on evaluating food policy efforts in the US and globally, and how these influence disparities in diet and obesity. Current projects focus on evaluating sugary beverage taxes, front-of-package warning labels, and marketing restrictions in a number of Latin American countries, including Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Peru. She has also conducted a number of studies on the nutrition transition in China, including fieldwork on diet behaviors and diet assessment technology.

In the US, her research focuses on changes in marketing and labeling of unhealthy foods and beverages, their association with the nutritional profile of food purchases and disparities in food purchases, and whether marketing and labeling policies can help consumers make healthier choices, especially in vulnerable populations such as Latino and low-income parents. She also conducts nutrition epidemiology studies on food behaviors, diet intake, and obesity using large population-level datasets such as the National Health and Nutrition Survey and American Time Use Study.

Currently, Dr. Taillie is leading a RWJF-funded project to examine “nudges” to promote healthier online food purchases, such as swaps and product placement. Along with colleagues in Health Behavior, she is also leading additional studies to develop and test the impact of pictorial warning labels and taxes on sugary beverage purchases and intake among Latino parents in North Carolina. Dr. Taillie is also leading a new Wellcome Trust-funded project to examine the impact of policies to reduce red and processed meat intake as a strategy to prevent climate change and reduce non-communicable disease.

As part of these projects, Dr. Taillie has developed two experimental grocery stores. First, the UNC Mini-Mart, located at the UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, is designed to provide a real food store experience where people can buy and take home food and drinks for their families. The goal of the Mini-Mart is to be able to design and test which types of food retail policies and interventions will encourage parents to make healthier choices. Second, Dr. Taillie and colleagues from NYU and the University of Edinburgh developed an online experimental supermarket called “Lola’s Grocery,” designed to resemble one of the largest online grocery stores in the USA and includes more than 13,000 food and beverage products. Lola’s Grocery gives researchers the ability to quickly modify conditions (i.e., look at many policies) and recruit large, representative sample sizes. Dr. Taillie and colleagues are currently designing a validation study to compare Lola’s to real online store purchases and adapting Lola’s for use in Brazil, with the plan to launch an RCT in early 2022 to test the impact of Brazil’s proposed warning label on food purchases.

My “go to” comfort food is a buttery, perfectly browned grilled cheese sandwich.

My family’s holiday favorite is homemade pumpkin cinnamon rolls. They take all day to make but are so worth it. We also love stuffed baked French toast…clearly sweet, bread-y breakfast foods are a favorite!

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My favorite condiment or topping is Marie Sharp’s hot sauce, by the gallon.


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