Juan Carlos Salgado Headshot

Juan Carlos Salgado Hernández

PhD in Health Policy and Management, 2019

Dissertation: Simulation of alternative tax policies for sugar-sweetened beverages: Consumer and producer outcomes in Mexico

Advisors: Shu Wen Ng and Justin G. Trogdon

Dr. Salgado is now a researcher at the Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica (INSP), Centro de Investigación en Sistemas de Salud (CISS).

GFRP Publications

Simulating international tax designs on sugar-sweetened beverages in Mexico
Authors: Juan Carlos Salgado Hernández, Shu Wen Ng
Published in: PLOS ONE, August 19, 2021 view full text

Understanding heterogeneity in price changes and firm responses to a national unhealthy food tax in Mexico
Authors: Juan C. Salgado, Shu Wen Ng
Published in: Food Policy, December 1 2019 view full text

Mexican households’ purchases of foods and beverages vary by store-type, taxation status, and SES
Authors: Lilia S. Pedraza, Barry M. Popkin, Juan C. Salgado, Lindsey S. Taillie
Published in: Nutrients, August 8 2018 view full text

Changes in prices after an excise tax to sugar sweetened beverages was implemented in Mexico: evidence from urban areas
Authors: Colchero MA, Salgado JC, Unar-Munguía M, Molina M, Ng SW, Rivera-Dommarco JA
Published in: PLoS ONE, December 2015 view full text