Products changed, but not prices, under Chile’s Law of Food Labeling and Advertising

Despite extensive product reformulation after Chile began requiring warning labels on the front of less-healthy food and drink packages, Chilean consumers saw no significant change in food and beverage prices associated with the policy in the first year and a half. This was the main finding of a new study from researchers at Universidad Adolfo […]

As neighboring countries see a shift in nutrition, Colombia’s food supply hasn’t changed

New research shows that sustained debate around improving nutrition isn’t enough to change a country’s food supply, nor are the nutrition policies of its peers. In a study of Colombia’s packaged foods and beverages, researchers in the Global Food Research Program at UNC-Chapel Hill found that, though the country is exploring similar food policies to […]

As Americans consume less sugar, consumption of sugar substitutes is on the rise

Though American households are purchasing fewer food and beverage products that are sweetened with sugar, they’re purchasing more products that include non-nutritive sweeteners (NNS) like aspartame, saccharin, rebaudioside A (reb-A) and sucralose. A new study from researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill published today (July 29, 2020) in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics […]

In response to nutrition warning labels, manufacturers reformulate unhealthy foods

Mandatory nutrition warning labels on packaged junk foods may lead manufactures to reformulate their products with less sodium and sugar, exposing consumers to fewer harmful nutrients in their diets. In new research published in PLOS Medicine, researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Chile found there were important […]

Researchers ponder the saturated fat comeback as sodium, sugar decrease in processed foods

A Washington Post article highlights a new government report that shows many packaged food and beverage products enter and exit the marketplace in a short period of time, and from 2009-2012 the nutrients in such products changed. Food manufacturers have created new packaged products with less sodium and sugar, but more saturated fat than the […]

Study finds less salt in packaged foods, more can be done

A study published June 5 by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Internal Medicine, led by Dr. Jennifer Poti, found that Americans purchased less salt in packaged foods and beverages from 2000-2014 – but we’re still getting too much. Sodium purchased by U.S. households from store-bought packaged foods and beverages dropped by 18% […]

NPR: Sayonara To ‘Super-Size Me?’ Food Companies Cut Calories, So Do We

NPR’s Alison Aubrey, with a story discussing our research published last week in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, and the impact on individuals and food and beverage companies: [Listen to the story here] It just might be the dawn of a new era in American eating. Two-thirds of us are now more likely to go […]