Caitlin Lowery

Doctoral Student

Caitlin Lowery is a doctoral student in the Department of Nutrition at UNC-Chapel Hill. She obtained her Master of Science in Public Health in International Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2016. Caitlin was first exposed to the field of public health as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Republic of Georgia (2011-2013). Prior to coming to UNC, Caitlin worked on an evaluation of the Philadelphia beverage tax, which examined the impact of the tax on prices, purchases and consumption of sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened beverages. Her primary research interest is nutrition policy for obesity prevention, including beverage taxes, front-of-package (FOP) health warning labels, and food marketing restrictions. As part of GFRP, Caitlin will be working with researchers at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia on an evaluation of the impact of FOP warning labels on consumer perceptions and food purchases in Peru.

My “go to” comfort food is chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
After a good workout, nothing beats a cold, refreshing wheat beer.
My most interesting food habit is eating a spoonful of peanut butter (or almond butter… or Nutella) when I’m having a bad day. Or when I’m super hungry.

GFRP Publications

Sugar-sweetened beverage purchases in urban Peru before the implementation of taxation and warning label policies: a baseline study
Authors: Caitlin M. Lowery, Lorena Saavedra-Garcia, Francisco Diez-Canseco, María Kathia Cárdenas, J. Jaime Miranda, Lindsey Smith Taillie
Published in: BMC Public Health, December 20, 2022 view full text

Grocery purchase changes were associated with a north carolina COVID food assistance incentive program
Authors: Caitlin M. Lowery, Richard Henderson, Neal Curran, Sam Hoeffler, Molly DeMarco, Shu Wen Ng
Published in: Health Affairs, November 7, 2022 view full text

South Africa’s Health Promotion Levy on pricing and acquisition of beverages in local spazas and supermarkets
Authors: Alexandra Ross, Elizabeth C. Swart, Tamryn Frank, Caitlin M. Lowery, Shu Wen Ng
Published in: Public Health Nutrition, March 7, 2022 view full text

An equity-oriented systematic review of online grocery shopping among low-income populations: implications for policy and research
Authors: Angela C. B. Trude, Caitlin M. Lowery, Shahmir H. Ali, Gabriela M. Vedovato
Published in: Nutrition Reviews, January 24, 2022 view full text

Experiences engaging family members in maternal, child, and adolescent nutrition: A survey of global health professionals
Authors: Caitlin M. Lowery, Hope C. Craig, Kate Litvin, Katherine L. Dickin, Maggie Stein, Beamlak Worku, Stephanie L. Martin
Published in: Current Developments in Nutrition, January 14, 2022 view full text

Purchases of non-taxed foods, beverages, and alcohol in a longitudinal cohort after implementation of the Philadelphia Beverage Tax
Authors: Anna H. Grummon, Christina A. Roberto, Hannah G. Lawman, Sara N. Bleich, Jiali Yan, Nandita Mitra, Sophia V. Hua, Caitlin M. Lowery, Ana Peterhans, Laura A. Gibson
Published in: The Journal of Nutrition, December 15, 2021 view full text

Claims on ready-to-eat cereals: Are those with claims healthier?
Authors: María Parra-Murillo, Caitlin M. Lowery, Luis F. Gómez, Mercedes Mora-Plazas, Lindsey Smith Taillie, and Francesca R. Dillman Carpentier
Published in: Frontiers in Nutrition | Nutrition Epidemiology, November 26, 2021 view full text

Reformulation of packaged foods and beverages in the Colombian food supply
Authors: Caitlin M. Lowery, Mercedes Mora-Plazas, Luis Fernando Gómez, Barry M. Popkin, Lindsey Smith Taillie
Published in: Nutrients, October 24, 2020 view full text