Francesca Dillman Carpentier Headshot

Francesca Dillman Carpentier

W. Horace Carter Distinguished Professor, UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media

Francesca R. Dillman Carpentier is a media psychologist who studies how different parts of a media message can slip under our radar and affect our thoughts, beliefs, and actions in small but significant ways, and often without our express knowledge. She also studies what motivates us to choose certain media content over others, and how the motivations can intensify the effects those choices have on us. Her recent projects have addressed the nature of food marketing and its impact on children’s nutrition and food preferences. Her published work can be found in academic venues across communication, psychology, and public health. In her spare time, she raises a precocious daughter who loves to make her own entertaining videos and animations and who has been an invaluable resource on what’s “cool” on food packages and in food advertising. The primary finding of these endeavors—Mom isn’t very cool. However, no one can touch Mom’s spaghetti.


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