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Carmen Prestemon

Project Coordinator

Carmen Prestemon is a project coordinator with the Global Food Research Program. She graduated with a BSPH in nutrition from UNC-Chapel Hill’s Gillings School of Global Public Health in May 2020. During her undergraduate studies, she completed her senior honors thesis under the guidance of Dr. Lindsey Smith Taillie. Carmen is interested in understanding and developing solutions for widespread nutrition and public health issues, particularly concerning health disparities and inequities. She works with the GFRP on a variety of projects investigating warning labels, taxes, and other food policies.

My favorite food-related smell is… garlic and onions cooking in olive oil! They are the start to every great dish ?

When I’m feeling down, my “go to” comfort food is… fresh baked cookies and pastries, either baked at home or purchased from a local bakery.

My least liked food/beverage is… goat cheese. I cannot stand the taste.

GFRP Publications

Impact of taxes and warning labels on red meat purchases in a naturalistic online grocery store: A randomized controlled trial
Authors: Lindsey Smith Taillie, Maxime Bercholz, Carmen Prestemon, Isabella Higgins, Anna H. Grummon, Marissa G. Hall, Lindsay Jaacks
Published in: PLOS Medicine, September 18, 2023
view full text

The impact of pictorial health warnings on purchases of sugary drinks for children: A randomized controlled trial
Authors: Marissa G. Hall, Anna H. Grummon, Isabella C. A. Higgins, Allison J. Lazard, Carmen E. Prestemon, Mirian I. Avendaño-Galdamez, Lindsey Smith Taillie 
Published in: PLOS Medicine, February 1, 2022 view full text

Testing front-of-package warnings to discourage red meat consumption: a randomized experiment with US meat consumers
Authors: Lindsey Smith Taillie, Christina Chauvenet, Anna H. Grummon, Marissa G. Hall, Wilma Waterlander, Carmen E. Prestemon, Lindsay M. Jaacks
Published in: International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, September 8, 2021 view full text

Using a naturalistic store laboratory for clinical trials of point-of-sale nutrition policies and interventions: A feasibility and validation study
Authors: Marissa G. Hall, Isabella C. A. Higgins, Anna H. Grummon, Allison J. Lazard, Carmen E. Prestemon, Jennifer Mendel Sheldon, Lindsey Smith Taillie.
Published in: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, August 18, 2021 view full text