Donna Miles Headshot

Donna R. Miles

Programming Manager

Donna earned a PhD from the Institute for Behavioral Genetics, University of Colorado Boulder. She first joined UNC as a Survey Coordinator for the Child Health Assessment and Monitoring Program through the North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics. In 2011, she joined the Global Food Research Program team at UNC. She provides data management and programming support for faculty and students. Her interests include research exploring the role of environmental factors on development, including how nutrition and the food retail environment can influence health outcomes. 

Foods I must have in my home are red and green chile. Growing up in New Mexico these are a staple! We mail order Hatch Green Chile every August so we are fully stocked for the year. 

My family’s holiday favorite is cooking competitions! Thanksgiving Throwdown creating new recipes using leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner has become a fun family tradition. 


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