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Design and approval of the nutritional warnings policy in Peru: Milestones, key stakeholders, and policy drivers for its approval
Authors: Francisco Diez-Canseco, Victoria Cavero, Juan Alvarez Cano, Lorena Saavedra-Garcia, Lindsey Smith Taillie, Francesca R. Dillman Carpentier, J. Jaime Miranda
Published in: PLOS Global Public Health, June 16, 2023 view full text

Framing a new nutrition policy: Changes on key stakeholder’s discourses throughout the implementation of the Chilean Food Labelling Law
Authors: Fernanda Mediano, Camila Fierro, Camila Corvalán, Marcela Reyes, Teresa Correa
Published in: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, May 1, 2023 view full text

Beverage industry’s advertising expenditures and airtimes in South Africa from 2013 to 2019 target children and families
Authors: Micheal Kofi Boachie, Susan Goldstein, Petronell Kruger, Shu Wen Ng, Karen J. Hofman, Evelyn Thsehla
Published in: Journal of Public Health Research, April 24, 2023 view full text

Changes in children’s and adolescents’ dietary intake after the implementation of Chile’s law of food labeling, advertising and sales in schools: a longitudinal study
Authors: Gabriela Fretes, Camila Corvalán, Marcela Reyes, Lindsey Smith Taillie, Christina D. Economos, Norbert L.W. Wilson, Sean B. Cash
Published in: International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, April 4, 2023 view full text

Changes in sugar-sweetened beverage purchases across the price distribution after the implementation of a tax in Mexico: a before-and-after analysis
Authors: Juan Carlos Salgado Hernández, Shu Wen Ng, M. Arantxa Colchero
Published in: BMC Public Health, February 7, 2023 view full text

Socioeconomic patterns in budget share allocations of regulated foods and beverages in Chile: a longitudinal analysis
Authors: Guillermo Paraje, Daniela Montes de Oca, Camila Corvalán, and Barry Popkin
Published in: Nutrients, January 29, 2023 view full text

Employment and wage effects of sugar-sweetened beverage taxes and front-of-package warning label regulations on the food and beverage industry: Evidence from Peru
Authors: Juan-José Díaz, Alan Sánchez, Francisco Diez-Canseco, J. Jaime Miranda, Barry
M. Popkin

Published in: Food Policy, January 20, 2023 view full text

Reformulation of top-selling processed and ultra-processed foods and beverages in the Peruvian food supply after front-of-package warning label policy
Authors: Lorena Saavedra-Garcia, Mayra Meza-Hernández, Francisco Diez-Canseco, Lindsey Smith Taillie
Published in: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, December 27, 2022 view full text

Are intentions to change, policy awareness, or health knowledge related to changes in dietary intake following a sugar-sweetened beverage tax in South Africa? A before-and-after study
Authors: Michael Essman, Catherine Zimmer, Francesca Dillman Carpentier, Elizabeth C. Swart, Lindsey Smith Taillie
Published in: International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, October 28, 2022 view full text

Simulation models of sugary drink policies: A scoping review
Authors: Natalie Riva Smith, Anna H. Grummon, Shu Wen Ng, Sarah Towner Wright, Leah Frerichs
Published in: PLOS ONE, October 3, 2022 view full text

Effect of different front-of-package food labels on identification of unhealthy products and intention to purchase the products – A randomised controlled trial in South Africa
Authors: Makoma Bopape, Jeroen De Man, Lindsey Smith Taillie, Shu Wen Ng, Nandita Murukutla, Rina Swart
Published in: Appetite, August 24, 2022 (online ahead of print) view full text